Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weekend get-a-way

For the longest time Grant and I have been wanting to take the scenic highway 20 over the mountains to the west side. Finally, after a big push, we did it. I was afraid it would be different with a baby on board, making what should be a peaceful scenic drive a frantic one. But Reese is a travel trooper. As long as she gets food when she is hungry, all is well.

I took so many photographs I'm afraid I'll have to just make a Facebook album and mass upload them. As much as I would love to go through and edit each one, I don't have the time or patience. But here is a glimpse of our travels over the Cascades and a hike around Deceptions Pass National Park.

Reese loved exploring TEXTURES. And yes, at one point we caved and let her eat the rock.


Diablo Lake


Reese wanting to watch the waves.
Grant wanting to watch his little girl explore.
Angelina wanting to get a family picture.



  1. Very beautiful photos!
    So glad to see that you could "get away" and enjoy some of God's beautiful creation!

  2. Wow! Absolutely love the pictures and the captions and the scenery. :)